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Deep earth structure and dynamics: seismic tomography, waveform modelling as pertaining to the determination of deep mantle, core mantle boundary and core structure. Wave propagation in heterogeneous media. Earthquake processes and scaling laws, real time estimation of earthquake parameters. Development of modern seismic and geophysical observatories on land and on the ocean floor.

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b a c k g r o u n d

1970-1974 Ecole Normale Supérieure, "Sèvres", Paris, France
1972 Maîtrise de Mathématiques Pures, Université Paris 6.
1973 Agrégation de Mathématiques, Paris, France
1975 Master of Science in Applied Physics, Harvard University
1975 Doctorat de 3e cycle in Astronomy, Université Paris 6.
1979 Doctorat d'Etat, Université Paris 7, Spécialité Géophysique.

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1978-79 Attachée de Recherches, C.N.R.S., Institut de Physique du Globe, Paris.
1979-81 Post Doctoral Associate, M.I.T., Cambridge, Mass.
1981-86 Chargée de Recherches, C.N.R.S., I. P. G., Paris.
Director, Geoscope Program
1986-90 Directeur de Recherches, C.N.R.S., I. P. G., Paris.
Director, Geoscope Program
1991-present Professor of Geophysics, University of California at Berkeley
Director, Berkeley Seismological Laboratory



1989 French Academy of Sciences Prize (Fonds Doistau-Blutet)
1990 Fellow, American Geophysical Union
1992 Silver Medal of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (French NSF)
1999 Wegener Medal of the European Union of Geosciences
2001 Fellow American Academy of Arts and Sciences

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1981-90 Member,Scientific Board, IPG Paris
1984-90 Vice-President, Seismological section of CNFGG (IUGG Rep. for France)
1984 Organizer, Symposium on "broad band and long period seismology in Europe"
1984-85 Chair, EGS Working Group on European Broadband Digital Network (to become ORFEUS)
1985-90 Member, Executive Committee of ORFEUS
1986 Co-Convenor, Symposium on "array and Global Network seismology", EGS/ESC meeting, Kiel,RFA
1986-89 Vice-President, FDSN (Federation of Digital Seismic Networks
1987-90 European Editor, Geophysical Research Letters
1987-90 Co-PI for Seismology on Mars, project Mars 94 of CNES
1989-91 Member, Executive Committee FDSN
1989-91 PI Project "OFM/SISMOBS"(broadband seafloor pilot experiment in and near ODP hole 396b
1991-92 Co-PI Project "OFM/SISMOBS"

SINCE 1991

1991-to pres. Honorary President, Geoscope Program
1989-92 Co-Principal Investigator, project "OFM/SISMOBS". Successful phase 1 experiment in mid-Atlantic in April-May 1992.
1991 Geophysics Review Panel, N.S.F. (spring 1991, substituting)
1991-1994 Instruments and Facilities Review Panel, N.S.F.
1991-to pres. Member, Advisory Council to the Southern California Earthquake Center (Chair, 1991-1994)
1991-93 Member, GSN Standing Committee, IRIS, also liaison to Ocean Seismic Network
1991 to 97 Member, Board of Directors of Seismological Society of America.
1992 Organizer, "Symposium on Broadband Seismology", U.C. Berkeley
1994-96 Member, Fellows Committee, AGU
1994-96 Member,Ocean Seismic Network committee
1994-to 1997 Secretary, International Ocean Network committee
1994-96 President Elect, Seismology Section, American Geophysical Union
1996-2000 Editor, Physics of Earth and Planetary Interiors
1996-98 President, Seismology Section, American Geophysical Union
1996 member, NSF review panel for CHiPR ( National Science Center for High Pressure Research)
1997 Co PI, MOISE experiment (broadband seafloor pilot experiment in Monterey Bay,CA
1997- Member, CHiPR advisory board.
1998-to pres. Chair, International Ocean Network Committee.
1997 Member, Site review team for Department of Earth and Space Sciences, UCLA.
1997 Member, review committee for the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Harvard University
1997-pres. Member, National Research Council Committee on the "Science of Earthquakes"
1998-1999 Member, advisory committee for SCiGN program
1998-pres. Member, advisory committee for TriNet program
1998-1999. Member IRIS Planning Committee
1999 Member, Intern. Review Team for Earthq. Res Inst., Tokyo, Japan
1999-pres. Chair, Global Seismic Network Standing Committee, IRIS
2000-pres. Member, IASPEI Bureau
2000-pres. Member, PBO Steering Committee
2000-2001 Chair, California Integrated Seismic Network (CISN) Steering Co.
2001-pres. Member, CISN Steering Co.
2001-pres. Member, Ocean Observatories Steering Committee (DEOS, NSF)
2001 Co-chair, Steering Committee, OHP/ION Symposium, Mt Fuji, Japan, Jan 21-27,2001
2002 Co-chair, Steering Committee, Earthscope CSIT Workshop, Snowbird, Utah, March 24-27,2002

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P H. D. _A N D- M A S T E R' S
s t u d e n t s

Brandon, Catherine: Thèse de 3e cycle Paris 1985
Ghorabi, Moncef: Thèse de 3e cycle Paris 1985
Monfret, Tony: Thèse de l'Université Paris 7, 1987 (currently research scientist in Chile)
Mocquet, Antoine: Thèse de l'Université Paris 7, 1987 (currently Professor in Rennes, France)
Lognonné, Philippe: Thèse de l'Université Paris 7, 1989 (currently Professor in Paris, France)
Bourjot, Laurence: Thèse de l'Université Paris 7, 1991
Bussy, Martine: Thèse de l'Universite Paris 7, 1993
Nawab, Ramin: Thèse de l'Universite Paris 7, 1994
Le Stunff, Yves: PhD UC Berkeley 1995 (currently research scientist at TOTAL, France)
Antolik, Michael: PhD UC Berkeley 1996 (currently post-doc at Harvard:
Pasyanos, Michael: PhD, UC Berkeley 1996 (currently post-doc at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory:
Mégnin, Charles: PhD UC Berkeley 1999, (currently at)
Kuo, Chaincy: PhD UC Berkeley 2000 (currently post-doc at LBNL:
Bréger, Ludovic: PhD UC Berkeley 1999 (currently with Barra:
Tkalcic, Hrvoje: PhD, UC Berkeley 2001
Gung, Yuan-Cheng: PhD Candidate 1998- UC Berkeley
Panning, Mark: PhD Candidate 1999- UC Berkeley
Rhie, Junkee: PhD Candidate 2000- UC Berkeley
Toh, Akiko: PhD Candidate 2000- UC Berkeley
Rousset, Sébastien: PhD Candidate 2001- UC Berkeley

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Check-out recent tomographic models of the mantle:

SAW12D: Whole Mantle Shear Velocity Model (1996)

SAW24B16: Whole Mantle Shear Velocity Model (2000)

D" model derived from PKP and PcP data


Clévédé E., C. Mégnin, B. Romanowicz, and P. Lognonnée (2000) "Modeling of waveforms in a 3-D Earth: asymptotic and non-asymptotic approaches", P.E.P.I., 119,37-56.

Igel, H., N. Takeuchi, R. Geller, C. Mégnin, H.P. Bunge, E. Clévédé, J. Dalkolmo and B. Romanowicz (2000) The COSY Project: verification of global seismic modeling algorithms, PEPI, 119, 3-24.

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Tkalcic, H., B. Romanowicz and N. Houy (2002) Constraints on D" structure using PKP(AB-DF), PKP(BC-DF) and PcP-P travel time data from broadband records, Geophys. J. Int., 149, 599-616. Download this model and paper

Gee. L., D. Neuhauser, D. Dreger, M. Pasyanos, R. Uhrhammer and B. Romanowicz (2002) THe Rapid Earthquake Data Integration Project, in press, IASPEI Handbook (W. Lee Editor).

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Tkalcic, H. and B. Romanowicz (2002) Short scale heterogeneity in the lowermost mantle: insights from PcP-P and ScS-S data, in press, EPSL.

Romanowicz, B., H. Tkalcic and L. Breger (2002) On the origin of complexity in PKP travel time data from broadband records, AGU Geodynamics Series, Vol edited by V. Dehant, K. Creager, in press.

Recently submitted:

Gung, Y. C. and B. Romanowicz (2002) Q tomography of the upper mantle using three component long period waveforms, submitted to J. Geophys. Res.

Capdeville, Y., B. Romanowicz and A. To (2002) Coupling spectral elements and modes in a spherical earth: an extension to the "sandwich" case, submitted to Geophys. J. Int.

Romanowicz, B. (2002) Global mantle tomography: progress status in the last 10 years, {\it Annu. Rev. Geoph. Space Phys}, submitted

Romanowicz, B. (2002) The 3D structure of the lower mantle, {\it C.R.A.S.}, submitted.


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P U B L I C A T I O N S 1977-1992

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