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3rd International Conference on Earthquak
e Early Warning: Implementing Earthquake Alerts. Location: UC Berkeley, CA.

Wednesday, September 3rd
Policy Forum: U.S. EEW Implementation

9:30-11:30 amRegistration in the Kvamme Auditorium
1:30 pmBringing Earthquake Early Warning to the United States - Senator Alex Padilla
California plan and status - Draft EEW Implementation Plan - CalOES
Federal plan and status - USGS representative
2:30 pmCoffee Break
3:00 pmNext Steps: State Panel: Implementation strategy and policy - Senator Jerry Hill, Michelle Moskowitz, and others
4:00 pmNext Steps: National Panel: Implementation strategy and policy - Nancy Koch, Michelle Moscowitz, Hall Daily (USGS)
5:00 pmReception at the University Club

Thursday, September 4th
Implementation of EEW Around the World

Session 1: Global Implementation Status

9:00amNakamura, Kotera, Tamaribuchi, Yamada, Adachi, Morimoto, Mitsuyuki Hoshiba - The Earthquake Early Warning of Japan Meterological Agency
9:20amClinton, Zollo - An Overview of Earthquake Early Warning Efforts in Europe throught the prism of REAKT
9:40amEspinosa, Petel - Earthquake Alerts - From Black Magic to Science and Engineering
10:00amUS ShakeAlert - ShakeAlert: Public Earthquake Early Warning for the United States
10:30 amCoffee Break

Session 2: Big Earthquakes

11:00amBoese, Felizardo, Heaton, Hauksson-Real-time performance of FinDer during the 2014 M5.1 La Habra earthquake, Los Angeles
11:20pmGrapenthin, Johanson, Allen-Operational Real-time GPS enhanced Earthquake Early Warning
11:40amMelbourne, Szeliga, Santillan, Scrivner, Webb-Real-time GPS monitoring of the Cascadia megathrust
12:00pmKawazoe, Nakamura, Aizawa, Aoki, Sakihara, Kubo, Uratani, Hoshiba- Information on long-period ground motion of the Japan Meteorological Agency
12:20pmMinson, Murray, Langbein, Gomberg-Real-time inversion for finite fault slip models and rupture geometry based on high-rate GPS data
12:40pmMeng, Allen, Ampuero-Application of Seismic Array Processing to Earthquake Early Warning
1:00 pmLunch

1:30 pm Poster Session

Allen, Hellweg, Henson, Neuhauser, Strauss - ElarmS: Rapid accurate alerts across California
Zuccolo, Lai, Gibbs, Di Sarno, Farrell, Salazar, Lloyd, Latchman, Workman - Performance assessment of VS earthquake early warning algorithm in the Eastern Caribbean Region
Cochran, Hauksson, Böse, Felizardo - Increasing Warning Times for the Onsite Earthquake Early Warning Algorithm
Minson, Wu, Beck, Hauksson, Heaton - Next-Generation Model Averaging for Earthquake Early Warning
Crowell, Bodin, Schmidt, Vidale - A seismogeodetic approach to earthquake early warning in Cascadia
Yin, Heaton - Bayesian updating with ETAS in Earthquake Early Warning
Wei, Helmberger, Yu - A Note on Rapid Source Estimation
Behr, Cauzzi, Clinton, Jonsdottir, Comoglu, Erlendsson, Marmureanu, Paraskevopoulos, Pinar, Salichon, Sokos - Earthquake Early Warning capabilities of regional seismic networks
Picozzi, Brondi, Colombelli, Elia, Martino, Marcucci, Zollo - PRESTo2.0: An integrated on-site and regional early warning system for Italy
Zimakov, Passmore, Davidson, Drake, Leon - Acquisition Hardware for Rapid Seismic Event Notification System
Jackson, Passmore, Zimakov, Raczka - Innovative, High Resolution, Integrated Real-time GNSS and Seismic Recorder for Earthquake Early Warning Systems
Berglund, Blume - Real-time GNSS Positioning ‚A High-Precision Kinematic Testing
Wurman, Price - An Alternative Funding Model for Earthquake Warning
Wang, Pan, Checn, Gu, Cui, Zhu, Peng - A general introduction of the earthquake early warning system in Wenchuan, China
Nakamura, Aoi, Kunugi, Suzuki, Hiroyuki - Prototype of a Real-Time System for Earthquake Damage Estimation in Japan
Hayashimoto, Hoshiba - Examination of the relative site amplification factor of OBS and their real-time correction: examples of Sagami Bay OBS, NIED
Aoi, Nakamura, Kunugi, Suzuki, Fujiwara - Realtime ground-motion monitoring system --- Combination of 'Kyoshin monitor' and EEW
Chi, Park, Lim, Seong, Kim - Discrimination of teleseismic-relevant false alarm by geometrical distribution of triggered stations
Kren, Lin - Visualizing Emergency Response Under Extreme Motions
Harms, Ampuero, Barsuglia, Chassande-Mottin, Montagner, Somala, Whiting - Earthquake early warning systems with high-precision gravity strain meters
Murray, Langbein, Guillemot, SMith, Minson - Acquisition, processing, and modeling of real-time high-rate GPS data at USGS in Menlo Park for improved Earthquake Early Warning
Melgar, Bock - Kinematic slip inversion and tsunami forecast with regional geophysical data
Okubo, Hotovec-Ellis - Early status of earthquake early warning on the Island of Hawaii
Minson, Brooks, Glennie, Murray, Langbein, Owen, Iannucci, Hauser - Crowd-Sourced Global Earthquake Early Warning
Zuccolo, Lai, Gibbs, Sarno, Farrell, Salazar, Lloyd, Latchman, Workman (10) - Performance assessment of VS earthquake early warning algorithm in the Eastern Caribbean Region
Hoshiba, Aoki - Numerical Shake Prediction for Earthquake Early Warning: Data-assimilation, Real-time Shake-map, and Simulation of Wave Propagation
Noda, Yamamoto - Introduction of the present Earthquake Early Warning system for the Shinkansen

Session 3: New Concepts in EEW

3:00pmHoshiba, Aoki-Numerical Shake Prediction for Earthquake Early Warning: Data-assimilation, Real-time Shake-map, and Simulation of Wave Propagation
3:20pmKarakus, Heaton-A Waveform Envelope-Based Reality Check Algorithm in Early Warning
3:40pmColombelli, Zollo, Festa, Picozzi-Small and large earthquakes: evidence for a difference in rupture initiation
4:00pmZollo, Caruso, Colombelli, Festa, Kanamori-A P-wave, threshold-based method for Earthquake Early-Warning
4:20pmKong, Allen, Schreier-MyShake: Building a smartphone seismic network
4:40pmMoore, Pirenne, Resenberger-Geohazard early warning at Ocean Networks Canada: the WARN project
5:00pmMen-Andrin, Clinton, Heaton- A Filter Bank Approach to Earthquake Early Warning

Friday, September 5th
Application of EEW

9:00 amPublic Use of EEW Panel
Moderator: Kate Long
Panelists: Gordon Woo, Ann Bostrom, Beth Pratt-Sitaula, Mark Lucero
10:30 amCoffee Break
11:00 amIndustry Use of EEW Panel
Moderator: Jennifer Strauss
Panelists: Shunta Noda, John McPartland, Josh Bashioum
12:00 pmLunch
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