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3rd International Conference on Earthquak
e Early Warning: Implementing Earthquake Alerts. Location: UC Berkeley, CA.

Wednesday, September 3rd
Policy Forum: U.S. EEW Implementation

9:30-11:30 amRegistration in the Kvamme Auditorium
1:30 pm Opening remarks on Bringing EEW to the US—California State Senator Alex Padilla (video)
Moving forward in California—California State Senator Jerry Hill (video)
Governor calls on CalOES—California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom (video)
EEW importance for cities—San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee (video)
California plan and status—CalOES Director Mark Ghilarducci (video)
Beyond California—EEW for the US—USGS Acting Director Suzette Kimball (video)
2:30 pmCoffee Break
3:00 pmState panel on Implementation strategy and policy (video)
  • Michelle Moskowitz (moderator), UC Berkeley
  • California State Senator Jerry Hill
  • Angela Manetti, Office of Senator Padilla
  • Christina Curry, Deputy Director, CalOES
4:00 pmNational Panel: Implementation strategy and policy (video)
  • Hall Daily (moderator), California Institute of Technology
  • Courtney Fogwell, Legislative Assistant Office of Congressman Schiff
  • Doug Given, USGS Earthquake Early Warning Coordinator
  • Nancy Koch, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
5:00 pmReception at the University Club, Memorial Stadium

Thursday, September 4th
Implementation of EEW Around the World

Session 1: Global Implementation Status

9:00amNakamura, Kotera, Tamaribuchi, Yamada, Adachi, Morimoto, Mitsuyuki Hoshiba - The Earthquake Early Warning of Japan Meterological Agency (video)
9:20amClinton, Zollo - An Overview of Earthquake Early Warning Efforts in Europe throught the prism of REAKT (video)
9:40amEspinosa, Petel - Earthquake Alerts - From Black Magic to Science and Engineering (video)
10:00amGiven, Allen, Heaton, Vidale - ShakeAlert: Public Earthquake Early Warning for the United States (video)
10:30 amCoffee Break

Session 2: Big Earthquakes

11:00amBoese, Felizardo, Heaton, Hauksson-Real-time performance of FinDer during the 2014 M5.1 La Habra and M6.0 American Canyon/Napa EQs (video)
11:20pmGrapenthin, Johanson, Allen-Operational Real-time GPS enhanced Earthquake Early Warning (video)
11:40amMelbourne, Szeliga, Santillan, Scrivner, Webb-Real-time GPS monitoring of the Cascadia megathrust (video)
12:00pmKawazoe, Nakamura, Aizawa, Aoki, Sakihara, Kubo, Uratani, Hoshiba- Information on long-period ground motion of the Japan Meteorological Agency (video)
12:20pmMinson, Murray, Langbein, Gomberg-Real-time inversion for finite fault slip models and rupture geometry based on high-rate GPS data
12:40pmMeng, Allen, Ampuero-Application of Seismic Array Processing to Earthquake Early Warning (video)
1:00 pmLunch

1:30 pm Poster Session

Allen, Hellweg, Henson, Neuhauser, Strauss - ElarmS: Rapid accurate alerts across California
Zuccolo, Lai, Gibbs, Di Sarno, Farrell, Salazar, Lloyd, Latchman, Workman - Performance assessment of VS earthquake early warning algorithm in the Eastern Caribbean Region
Cochran, Hauksson, Böse, Felizardo - Increasing Warning Times for the Onsite Earthquake Early Warning Algorithm
Minson, Wu, Beck, Hauksson, Heaton - Next-Generation Model Averaging for Earthquake Early Warning
Crowell, Bodin, Schmidt, Vidale - A seismogeodetic approach to earthquake early warning in Cascadia
Yin, Heaton - Bayesian updating with ETAS in Earthquake Early Warning
Wei, Helmberger, Yu - A Note on Rapid Source Estimation
Behr, Cauzzi, Clinton, Jonsdottir, Comoglu, Erlendsson, Marmureanu, Paraskevopoulos, Pinar, Salichon, Sokos - Earthquake Early Warning capabilities of regional seismic networks
Picozzi, Brondi, Colombelli, Elia, Martino, Marcucci, Zollo - PRESTo2.0: An integrated on-site and regional early warning system for Italy
Zimakov, Passmore, Davidson, Drake, Leon - Acquisition Hardware for Rapid Seismic Event Notification System
Jackson, Passmore, Zimakov, Raczka - Innovative, High Resolution, Integrated Real-time GNSS and Seismic Recorder for Earthquake Early Warning Systems
Berglund, Blume - Real-time GNSS Positioning ‚A High-Precision Kinematic Testing
Wurman, Price - An Alternative Funding Model for Earthquake Warning
Wang, Pan, Checn, Gu, Cui, Zhu, Peng - A general introduction of the earthquake early warning system in Wenchuan, China
Nakamura, Aoi, Kunugi, Suzuki, Hiroyuki - Prototype of a Real-Time System for Earthquake Damage Estimation in Japan
Hayashimoto, Hoshiba - Examination of the relative site amplification factor of OBS and their real-time correction: examples of Sagami Bay OBS, NIED
Aoi, Nakamura, Kunugi, Suzuki, Fujiwara - Realtime ground-motion monitoring system --- Combination of 'Kyoshin monitor' and EEW
Chi, Park, Lim, Seong, Kim - Discrimination of teleseismic-relevant false alarm by geometrical distribution of triggered stations
Kren, Lin - Visualizing Emergency Response Under Extreme Motions
Harms, Ampuero, Barsuglia, Chassande-Mottin, Montagner, Somala, Whiting - Earthquake early warning systems with high-precision gravity strain meters
Murray, Langbein, Guillemot, SMith, Minson - Acquisition, processing, and modeling of real-time high-rate GPS data at USGS in Menlo Park for improved Earthquake Early Warning
Melgar, Bock - Kinematic slip inversion and tsunami forecast with regional geophysical data
Okubo, Hotovec-Ellis - Early status of earthquake early warning on the Island of Hawaii
Minson, Brooks, Glennie, Murray, Langbein, Owen, Iannucci, Hauser - Crowd-Sourced Global Earthquake Early Warning
Withers, McGowan, Pearce, Rademacher - A New Instrumental Approach to Earthquake Early Warning
Pinar, Zulfikar, Tunc, Comoglu, Kalafat, Erdik - Earthquake early warning response to the May 24, 2014 northern Aegean earthquake (Mw=6.9)
Zulfikar, Pinar, Safak, Erdik - Implementation of EEWS to Istanbul natural gas network
Kuyuk - Attenuation model of peak P-wave displacement for California

Session 3: New Concepts in EEW

3:00pmHoshiba, Aoki-Numerical Shake Prediction for Earthquake Early Warning: Data-assimilation, Real-time Shake-map, and Simulation of Wave Propagation (video)
3:20pmKarakus, Heaton-A Waveform Envelope-Based Reality Check Algorithm in Early Warning (video)
3:40pmColombelli, Zollo, Festa, Picozzi-Small and large earthquakes: evidence for a difference in rupture initiation (video)
4:00pmZollo, Caruso, Colombelli, Festa, Kanamori-A P-wave, threshold-based method for Earthquake Early-Warning (video)
4:20pmKong, Allen, Schreier-MyShake: Building a smartphone seismic network (video)
4:40pmMoore, Pirenne, Resenberger-Geohazard early warning at Ocean Networks Canada: the WARN project (video)
5:00pmMen-Andrin, Clinton, Heaton- A Filter Bank Approach to Earthquake Early Warning (video)

Friday, September 5th
Application of EEW

9:00 amPublic Use of EEW Panel (video)
  • Kate Long (moderator), CalOES Earthquake and Tsunami program
  • Gordon Woo, RMS
  • Ann Bostrom, University of Washington
  • Beth Pratt-Sitaula, Central Washington University, UNAVCO
  • Mark Lucero, FEMA
10:30 amCoffee Break
11:00 amIndustry Use of EEW Panel (video)
  • Jennifer Strauss (moderator), Berkeley Seismological Laboratory
  • Shunta Noda, Railway Technical Research Institute, Japan
  • John McPartland, Director, Bay Area Rapid Transit
  • Josh Bashioum, Early Warning Labs, LLC
  • Aviv Siegel, AtHoc
12:00 pmAdjourn
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