2004-05 Activities

The BSL and USGS are addressing minor problems at the stations. Highly correlated low-amplitude noise had contaminated the seismic and strain channels at several of the stations, mostly due to electrical ground loop issues. Replacement of strainmeter electronics boxes and moving the placement of some cables resolved many of the problems although minor issues remain at OHLN, which continues to be contaminated by 600-second frequence noise due to the satellite data transmission. The USGS replaced the tiltmeter at SVIN in September 2004, recorded 24 hours of downhole thermister data in October 2004, repressurized the pore pressure packer at SVIN and installed a thermister at SBRN in December 2004. PG&E has scheduled work to install the AC power at MHDL in Fall 2005, after which we will complete the installation of the fifth Mini-PBO station.

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