New Facilities

The BSL is actively working with the campus to relocate the critical operations of data acquisition, processing, archiving, and data distribution to a more robust facility than McCone Hall. With assistance from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, the BSL has been granted space in 2195 Hearst, a recently completed building on the Oxford Tract. 2195 Hearst was constructed to current seismic codes, and the hardened campus computer facility within was designed with special attention for post-earthquake operations. The computer center contains state-of-the art seismic bracing, UPS power and air conditioning with generator backup, and extensive security and equipment monitoring.

During 2004-2005, the BSL began to relocate equipment to the new facilities in 2195 Hearst. Overall, the BSL plans to move all of its data acquisition, real-time earthquake processing computers and data archive and distribution computers to the new facility. This also involves moving all telemetry equipment (5 T1s lines, dedicated leased phone circuit to our paging service, dialin/dialout modems, as well as various radio and VSAT communication equipment) to the new location. As of June 30, 2005, the data archiving system and half of the real-time acquisition and earthquake processing computers had been relocated to 2195 Hearst, and the private network used for seismic data acquisition and earthquake processing was temporarily bridged between McCone Hall and 2195 Hearst using an encrypted tunnel across the campus backbone network. [The remainder of the data acquisition and processing systems were moved on September 16, 2005 along with the 5 T1 circuits and associated routers].

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