Data Acquisition

Central-site data acquisition for the BDSN/NHFN/MPBO is performed by two computer systems located at the BSL (Figure 9.1). These acquisition systems are also used for the Parkfield-Hollister electromagnetic array and for the BARD network. A third system is used primarily as data exchange system with the USNSN and receives a feed from CMB, HUMO, MOD, SAO, and WDC from the the NSN VSAT. This system also transmits data to the USNSN from HOPS, CMB, SAO, WDC, and YBH. Data acquisition for the HRSN follows a more complicated path, as described in Chapter 6.

Figure 9.2: Dataflow in the REDI processing environment, showing waveform data coming in from the Quanterra data loggers (Q) into comserv. From comserv, data are logged to disk (via datalog), distributed to other computers (mserv), fed into the CDA for REDI processing, and spooled into a trace ring for export.


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