Functional Tests

A Streckeisen STS-2 broadband seismometer (s/n 50205) and an Episensor FBA-ES-T (s/n 1557) were installed for testing. We found that both sensors were operating within their nominal specifications. These sensors were subsequently installed at FARB.

On September 24, the ex-FARB Guralp CMG-3T s/n T393 was installed for testing. We found that all three components exhibited highly correlated broadband noise which indicated that there is a common mode internal noise source present in the Guralp electronics.

On January 10, a horizontal STS-1 (s/n 39010) and its electronics box were installed for testing. This sensor is scheduled to replace the failing E-component sensor at MOD. We found that this sensor was operating within its nominal specifications.

On April 6, a pair of three-component Metrozet accelerometers were installed for long term testing and comparsion with the BKS FBA-23 accelerometer recordings.

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