Data Distribution

The NCEDC continues to use the World Wide Web as a principal interface for users to request, search, and receive data from the NCEDC. The NCEDC has implemented a number of useful and original mechanisms of data search and retrieval using the World Wide Web, which are available to anyone on the Internet. All the documentation about the NCEDC, including the research users' guide, is available via the Web. Users can perform catalog searches and retrieve hypocentral information and phase readings from the various earthquake catalogs at the NCEDC via easy-to-use forms on the Web. In addition, users can peruse the index of available broadband data at the NCEDC, and can request and retrieve broadband data in standard SEED format via the Web. Access to all datasets is available via research accounts at the NCEDC.

The NCEDC acquired the internet domain name this year to better represent the data center as a multi-institutional collaborative project. The NCEDC's new Web address is

The NCEDC hosts a web page that allows users to easily query the NCEDC waveform inventory, and generate and submit NetDC requests to the NCEDC. The NCEDC currently supports both the BREQ_FAST and NetDC request formats. As part of our collaboration with SCEDC, the NCEDC provided its BREQ_FAST and NetDC interface programs to SCEDC. The NCEDC also supports the SCEC STP data request interface, as well as the IRIS FISSURES DHI interfaces for waveforms, station metadata, and event information.

The various earthquake catalogs, phase, and earthquake mechanism can be searched using NCEDC web interfaces that allow users to select the catalog, attributes such as geographical region, time and magnitude. The GPS data is available to all users via anonymous ftp. Research accounts are available to any qualified researcher who needs access to the other datasets that currently are not available via the Web.

The GPS data archived at the NCEDC is available over the Internet through the GSAC retailer system, which became publicly available in late 2002, as well as by anonymous FTP.

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