NSN VSAT modifications

The BSL cooperates with the USGS ANSS on the following sites in northern California: SAO, CMB, WDC, MOD, and HUMO. At each of these sites, the ANSS (previously NSN) has provided a VSAT to support a communications link. The MOD and HUMO sites are sufficiently remote that the VSAT is the only communications link available.

In 2003, the US NSN began to replace the older VSAT systems and, in February 2004, the USGS turned off the original satellite system. Prior to the end of Feburary, BSL staff traveled to HUMO and MOD to work with USGS contractors on the installation of the new VSAT system. Fortunately, these two installations were completed just before the older system was turned off, avoiding the loss of communications.

Unfortunately, we have not completed the VSAT modifications at the three remaining sites. Hopefully this task will be completed during FY05/06, as the VSATs provide an important secondary communication link at these stations. At this time, data from the non-upgraded stations is provided to NEIC via the BSL data acquisition.

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