Before the 2004 event, the 1966 earthquake was the best-recorded of the Parkfield sequence. Stations of the Worldwide Standard Seismograph Network (WWSSN) were installed in the early 1960s, and recorded the 1966 earthquake at local, regional and teleseismic distances on paper records. The records were transferred to microchips (film), and recently some of them, including those from the Parkfield earthquake have been scanned as part of the Seismoarchives project at IRIS We plan to digitize these records from stations at all distances. Using rupture models for the 1966 and 2004 earthquakes, we will produce synthetic seismograms and compare them with the recordings for both events to investigate how well we can discriminate between these two very different rupture scenarios. Then, we will return to the even older data and apply what we have learned in order to better characterize this sequence of earthquakes.

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