The 2004 Parkfield earthquake was the long-awaited fulfillment of the USGS's Parkfield Prediction Experiment (Bakun and Lindh, 1985, Bakun and McEvilly, 1984). Since 1881 M$\sim $6 earthquakes occured near the town of Parkfield in Central California every $\sim $20 years. After the event in 1966, the next earthquake was predicted to occur in 1988 +/- 6 years. The years since the original prediction have seen the advent of space-based geodesy and now interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR) data can now be added to the wealth of information on this earthquake. We present the results of a slip model encompassing the earthquake and two days of postseismic slip constrained by InSAR data from the ENVISAT satellite.

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