The BSL station at Portero Hills (POTR) was installed in December of 1998. The site is located in the Sacramento River Delta in one of the few areas of competent rock (sandstone). The instruments were placed in a 1960's-vintage missile silo that was being used by a contractor to the US Air Force.

In late 2004, BSL received word that the contractor would no longer be leasing the silo from the Air Force and could thus no longer grant BSL permission to operate there. Direct discussions between BSL and the US Army Corps of Engineers on behalf of the US Air Force were not fruitful. In February of 2005, power was cut to the site and the instruments went dead. BSL engineers removed all instrumentation.

Discussions between BSL and the Air Force contract have continued toward the goal of finding a replacement site on the adjacent property. In the summer of 2005, a background noise test was performed at one such site. That site was found noisier than the High Noise Model and was not pursued as a replacement for POTR.

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