Alder Springs

The Alder Springs (GASB) site located approximately 35 kilometers west of the central valley town of Willows. Local geology is mostly serpentine and Franciscan. Previously, a short period observatory has been operated at the Alder Springs site by the California Department of Water Resources. The GASB site is being developed in cooperation with the CREST (Consolidated Reporting of EarthquakeS and Tsunamis) network.

In June 2004, construction began on a steel and concrete seismographic vault similar to those at JCC, PKD, HOPS, and MNRC. On-site excavation was contracted. Inmates from the CDF Valley View Conservation Camp provided labor for the concrete pour and back filling of the excavation. BSL engineers built the forms and framing for the concrete, as well as all electrical wiring at the site. The permit for this site was provided by the US Forest Service, Mendocino National Forest.

Due to reduced staff and medical problems, physical work at the site was stopped in September 2004. In early January of 2005, a frame-relay circuit was installed at the CDF camp and local loop connectivity to the vault was achieved via wireless Ethernet bridge (radio). Installation of the seismic instruments at GASB was completed in September 2005.

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