Marconi Conference Center

In 2003-2004, we permitted a site at the Marconi Conference Center, near Marshall, CA. The conference center is operated by the State of California. This site in planned in collaboration with the USGS and will form part of the ANSS backbone network.

In January of 2005, BSL contractors and engineers broke ground on construction and development of a steel and concrete seismographic vault similar to those at JCC, PKD, HOPS,and MNRC. Construction activities at the vault were completed in April. The site is awaiting connection to power, scheduled for the fall of 2005. Telemetry at the Marconi will primarily be achieved via an USGS ANSS VSAT. The BSL has also initiated planning of radio telemetry. Radio telemetry will require additional site permits from California State Parks. This permitting process is on-going and may take up to six months.

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