Network Operations

As part of the CISN project, the BSL purchased 23 upgrade kits for their Q4120 data loggers with the goal of improving remote diagnostic capabilities. Three different kits were purchased - power board only, calibration board only, and combined power and calibration boards - in order to ensure that every Q4120 has a power board and that every 8-channel Q4120 also has a calibration board. The power boards provide the capability to monitor battery voltage, allowing staff to discriminate between power and telemetry problems remotely. The calibration boards provide the capability to monitor mass position as well as allow remote calibration of the seismic sensors. Both boards also record data logger temperature.

Successful upgrade of the dataloggers requires a site visit to remove the datalogger and bring it back to the lab, installation of the boards, replacement of lattices on the CPU board, construction of new cables to transmit the mass position signals, and redeployment of the datalogger in the field. At this point, 3 upgrades remain although a few sites still require new cables or replacement of the lattices.

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