Data Exchange

Pick exchange was initiated between the Northern and Southern California Management Centers in 2001-2002. Although the CISN has developed software to exchange the reduced amplitude timeseries, this aspect of data exchange has been delayed while certain problems in the codes that generate the time series are addressed.

The CISN partners completed the final stage of a system to exchange peak ground motion data this year. Using a common format, the CISN partners are exchanging observations with one another following an event or a trigger. This step increases the robustness of generating products such as ShakeMap, since all CISN partners are now exchanging data directly with one another. It also improves the quality of ShakeMaps on the boundary between northern and southern California, such as the San Simeon earthquake, by allowing all data to be combined in a single map. Finally, it is a necessary step toward the goal of generating statewide ShakeMaps.

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