CISN activities at the BSL are supported by funding from the Governor's Office of Emergency Services.

Barbara Romanowicz and Lind Gee are members of the CISN Steering Committee. Lind Gee is a member of the CISN Program Management Committee and she leads the CISN project at the BSL. Doug Neuhauser is chair of the CISN Standards Committee, which includes Lind Gee and Pete Lombard as members.

Because of the breadth of the CISN project, many BSL staff have been involved including: John Friday, Lind Gee, Bill Karavas, Pete Lombard, Doug Neuhauser, Charley Paffenbarger, and Stephane Zuzlewski. Lind Gee contributed to this chapter. Additional information about the CISN is available through reports from the Program Management Committee.

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