Land Sites

Agreements with Caltrans and St. Mary's College have been made to replace the post hole installation at St. Mary's College (SMCB) with a deep borehole installation. The hole is to be drilled by Caltrans as a hole of opportunity when the schedule of a Caltrans drilling crew has an opening. The site has been reviewed by UCB, Caltrans and St. Mary's College personnel, and we are now in the drilling queue. Depending on the geology at borehole depth, this site my either become a MPBO site (w/o accelerometers) or a standard land site installation including both geophones and accelerometers.

Caltrans has also provided funding for instrumentation of several other land sites which we will install as future Caltrans drill time becomes available. Currently we are considering sites for these additional holes-of-opportunity at Pt. Pinole, on Wildcat Mtn. in the North Bay. We are in the process of obtaining permission from the East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) to site a HFN station at the Point Isabel Regional Shoreline.

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