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There have been many other changes in BSL staff this past year. Lind Gee was offered and accepted the position of Chief Scientist at the Albuquerque Seismological Laboratory of the USGS. We are proud of Lind, and at the same time, very sorry that she has left, at the beginning of September 2005. Lind has served the BSL remarkably for the past 14 years. Peggy Hellweg has assumed part of Lind's responsibilities, those pertaining to the operation of the Berkeley Digital Seismic Network, the alarm response and the outreach. In particular, Peggy has been heavily involved in the last two months in the organization of the 1906 centennial activities. With Lind, we also lose Mark Murray, who is leaving at the end of October 2005 and will assume a research position at New Mexico Tech. Mark Murray's responsibilities for operation of the BARD network and real time GPS data acquisition will be transferred to Nicolas Houlié, who recently arrived from Institut de Physique du Globe in Paris, as a post-doc. Unfortunately, Nicolas will not benefit from the assistance of Cédric de la Beaujardière, who is also leaving at the end of October.

As if the changes were not sufficient, Eleanor Blair, our Manager, decided to retire at the end of October. A retirement party was held in her honor at the Women's Faculty Club on October 19th, 2005. Eleanor served the University for 36 years, and the BSL for 12 years. For her outstanding service, she earned the Chancellor's Distinguished Service Award, which will be presented to her on November 1st.

On the bright side, our field engineering team is back in shape: Rick Lellinger joined the BSL engineering team in October 2004, and Jarrett Gardner in August 2005, both as assistant development engineers. Kate Conner and Jenny Pehl joined the BSL administrative office in September 2005 to replace Christina and assist with an overflow of projects. In addition to Nicolas Houlié, two new post-docs joined the BSL in this past year: Fabio Cammarano, who earned his PhD from the ETH in Zurich, Switzerland, and Gareth Funning, from Cambridge University.

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