I wish to thank our technical and administrative staff, scientists and students for their efforts throughout the year and their contributions to this annual report. Individual contributions to activities and report preparation are mentioned in the corresponding sections, except for the Appendix section, prepared by Kate Conner and Eleanor Blair.

I also wish to specially thank the individuals who have regularly contributed to the smooth operation of the BSL facilities: Sierra Boyd, Rich Clymer, Cédric de la Beaujardière, Doug Dreger, John Friday, Lind Gee, Wade Johnson, Bill Karavas, Rick Lellinger, Pete Lombard, Rick McKenzie, Mark Murray, Bob Nadeau, Doug Neuhauser, Charley Paffenbarger, Bob Uhrhammer, and Stephane Zuzlewski. I particularly want to thank Doug Dreger for serving as Associate Director of the BSL, and Doug Neuhauser for stepping in to help and serve on the CISN Program Management Group after Lind Gee's departure.

I also wish to thank our undergraduate assistants, Amanda Austin, Chi Chan, Jonathan Hsu, Kevin Lee, Rose Li, Tomasz Matlak, Gretchen Sites, Miles Traer, Sean Tsa and Noli Valera, for their contributions to our research and operational activities.

I am particularly thankful to Jenny Pehl, Kate Conner as well as Lind Gee, for their help in putting together this Annual Report (the latter remotely).

The Annual Report of the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory is available on the WWW at

Barbara Romanowicz

October 24, 2005

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