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Figure 2.30: Boatwright and Bundock (2005) ShakeMap (A) and scenario ShakeMaps for assessing network performance (B-D). (A) The ShakeMap compiled by Boatwright and Bundock (2005) from the Lawson report (1908) provides a baseline against which to assess the initial ShakeMaps which would be computed from ground motion measured in a similar earthquake, if it were to occur today. (B) ShakeMap for 160 real time stations in Northern California from the BK, NC and NP networks. The initial ShakeMap would be ready within 10 minutes after an earthquake occurs. The hypocenter and magnitude are assumed to be the same as in 1906, however the length of the fault rupture is not known. (C) For this ShakeMap the same data is used as for (B), but in addition to hypocenter and magnitude, the extent of fault rupture is also used. Strong shaking is now also predicted along the Coast. (D) Maps (B) and (C) represent best cases for real time reporting. If telemetry to and from USGS Menlo Park is interrupted, ShakeMaps from UC Berkeley would be based only on the 27 stations of the sparse BK network.
\epsfig{file=hell07_2_1.eps, width=12cm}

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