Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) efforts at the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory have recently expanded to become part of a large statewide effort involving Caltech, SCEC, the USGS and Berkeley to evaluate EEW algorithm performance in California. As part of this effort we have been developing several diagnostic tools to assess the performance of the ElarmS EEW methodology being developed at UC Berkeley. One of these tools incorporates elements of ShakeMap (Wald et al., 2005) to generate second-by-second maps of predicted shaking based on data available to ElarmS in that second. We term these products AlertMaps.

These maps are very useful in evaluating the overall performance of ElarmS (and potentially other EEW algorithms) because they provide an intuitive geospatial representation of the availability of data and the behavior of the ElarmS methodology at each point in time. We discuss the technical aspects of generating AlertMaps, and present several snapshots of the AlertMap generated for the 20 July 2007 $M_{w}$ 4.2 Oakland Earthquake.

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