We thank the people who assisted us in the deployment of OATS: Neal Lord, Lee Powell, Robert Pyzalski, Andrew Lockman, and William Unger from the University of Wisconsin; John Nabelek and Anne Trehu from Oregon State University, and all the land owners who hosted our stations. We thank Gene Humphreys for allowing us using data from their deployment at Wallowa Mountain. We also use data from Berkeley Digital Seismograph Network, Cascade Chain Volcano Monitoring, Global Seismograph Network, Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Experiment, Princeton Earth Physics Project-Indiana, Pacific Northwest Regional Seismic Network, USArray Transportable Network, University of Oregon Regional Network, and the United States National Seismic Network.The IRIS DMC provided seismic data. This work was supported by the NSF (EAR-0539987).

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