Under Barbara Romanowicz's general supervision, Peggy Hellweg and Doug Neuhauser oversee the BDSN data acquisition operations, and Bill Karavas heads the engineering team. John Friday, Jarrett Gardner, Rick Lellinger and Bob Uhrhammer contribute to the operation of the BDSN. Karl Kappler has been responsible for the operation of the EM observatories. Bill Karavas, Bob Uhrhammer, and Peggy Hellweg contributed to the preparation of this chapter.

The California Governor's Office of Emergency Services provided funding toward the development of sites MCCM and GASB as part of the CISN. The Incorporated Research Institutions in Seismology provided matching funds for the installation of MCCM. The CREST project provided a datalogger for GASB. Earthscope (USArray) provided funds towards telemetry of northern California TA stations through BSL and operation of joint BDSN/USArray stations.

MOBB is a collaboration between the BSL and MBARI, involving Barbara Romanowicz, Bob Uhrhammer, Doug Neuhauser and David Dolenc from the BSL, and Debra Stakes and Paul McGill from MBARI. The MBARI team also includes Steve Etchemendy (Director of Marine Operations), Jon Erickson, John Ferreira, Tony Ramirez and Craig Dawe. The MOBB effort at the BSL is supported by UC Berkeley funds. MBARI supports the dives and data recovery. The MOBB seismometer package was funded by NSF/OCE grant #9911392.

The Earthscope Transportable Array provides support for telemetry and maintenance of the 19 BDSN stations from which the BSL supplies data to the USArray efforts.

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