The organizational goals, products, management, and responsibilities of the CISN member organizations are described in the founding MOU and in the strategic and implementation plans. To facilitate activities among institutions, the CISN has formed three management centers:

The Northern and Southern California Management Centers are operating as twin statewide earthquake processing centers serving information on current earthquake activities, while the Engineering Strong Motion Data Center has the responsibility for producing engineering data products and distributing them to the engineering community.

The Steering Committee, made up of two representatives from each core institution and a representative from OES, oversees CISN projects. The position of chair rotates among the institutions; Jeroen Tromp is currently the chair of the Steering Committee.

An external Advisory Committee represents the interests of structural engineers, seismologists, emergency managers, industry, government, and utilities and provides review and oversight. The Advisory Committee is chaired by Stu Nishenko of Pacific Gas and Electric Company. It last met in August 2006. Agendas from the meetings and the resulting reports may be accessed through the CISN Web site ( The next meeting is planned for September 2007.

The Steering Committee has formed other committees, including a Program Management Group to address planning and coordination, a Strong Motion Working Group to focus on issues related to strong-motion data, and a Standards Committee to resolve technical design and implementation issues.

In addition to the core members, other organizations contribute data that enhances the capabilities of the CISN. Contributing members of the CISN include: University of California, Santa Barbara; University of California, San Diego; University of Nevada, Reno; University of Washington; California Department of Water Resources; Lawrence Livermore National Lab; and Pacific Gas and Electric.

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