Collaboration with USArray

In late 2003, the CISN concluded a memorandum of agreement with the Incorporated Research Institutions in Seismology (IRIS) covering the duration of the USArray project in California. As a result, data from 19 stations operated by the BSL and 41 stations operated by Caltech are contributed to USArray's travelling array (TA) during its California deployment. The BSL has also provided accelerometers for use at TA sites which are of interest as future BDSN stations. We monitor the data from these stations in real time, and use the data in ShakeMaps and moment tensors. In addition, data from these TA stations have been included in our development of new parameters that are valid statewide for determining $M_{L}$ (see Research Study 2.13.). The collaboration between the BSL and USArray is discussed more fully in Sections 3.1. and 3.7., including the telemetry the BSL provides for the two USArray stations RAMR and SUTB. The TA will move out of California during the Fall of 2007.

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