FEMA Hazard Grant Mitigation Program Funds

The San Simeon and Parkfield earthquakes highlighted the sparseness of high quality instrumentation in northern California, outside of the Bay Area. Although the Parkfield event occurred in a very densely instrumented region, many of accelerometers operated there by the CGS are primarily analog, and the data were not available until several days after the event. Thus, in both these Central California events, the initial ShakeMaps were poorly constrained, because there were few digital instruments in the area with real-time communications.

As a result of the San Simeon earthquake and other disasters, FEMA made funds available to OES under the Hazard Grant Mitigation Program (HGMP). The BSL, Caltech, and CGS submitted joint applications for funds to two of these programs, which were funded in August 2005 and May 2006. With funds from these two projects, seismic equipment has been purchased for four new stations, which will be chosen from the USArray TA stations currently deployed in California. One set was installed at the USArray station RAMR near the epicenter of the San Simeon event in September 2007 after the removal of the TA equipment. We monitor and use data from other TA stations in routine processing, and expect to take over HAST, just north of the San Simeon epicenter, and P01C, along the Northern California coast. The fourth site for FEMA equipment remains to be chosen.

Figure 3.7: Map showing the geographical distribution of the CISN partners and centers. The communications ``ring" is shown schematically with installed links (solid lines).
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Figure 3.8: Map showing the 30 stations selected to send data directly to the Northern and Southern California processing centers, and the 5 stations that send data directly to the Engineering Data Center and the Southern California processing center.
\epsfig{file=cisn_dual.ps, width=7cm, bbllx=42,bblly=94,bburx=565,bbury=690}\end{center}\end{figure}

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