Statewide Integration

BSL staff are involved in many elements of the statewide integration effort. The Standards Committee, chaired by Doug Neuhauser, continues to define and prioritize projects important to the development and implementation of the statewide earthquake processing system and to establish working groups to address them (see minutes from meetings and conference calls at

Dual Station Feeds: Early in the existence of CISN, ``dual station feeds" were established for 30 stations (15 in northern California and 15 in southern California) (Figure 3.8). The Northern California Earthquake Management Center (NCEMC) is using data from the Southern California stations to estimate magnitudes on a routine basis. A subset of these stations are being used for the moment tensor inversions, a computation that is sensitive to the background noise level.

Data Exchange: Pick exchange was initiated between the NCEMC and its Southern California counterpart in 2001-2002. The software CISN has developed to produce and exchange the reduced amplitude timeseries has also been completed. Currently, these timeseries are being exchanged at the NCEMC, but not yet statewide. Using a common format, the CISN partners continue to exchange observations of peak ground motion with one another following an event or a trigger. This step increases the robustness of generating products such as ShakeMap, since all CISN partners now exchange data directly with one another. This also improves the quality of ShakeMaps for events on the boundary between northern and southern California, such as the San Simeon earthquake, by allowing all data to be combined in a single map. Finally, this is a necessary step toward the goal of generating statewide ShakeMaps.

The Software Calibration & Standardization: CISN partners are working to standardize the software used for automatic earthquake processing and earthquake review, as well as to calibrate it. Currently, the software implemented in the NCEMC and in Southern California Management Center is very different. During the past year in the NCEMC, we have worked on preparing a version of the Southern California TriNet software software for implementation as CISN Software in the NCEMC.


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