Since FY05/06 the CISN Web site (www.cisn.org) has been supported by two servers located at Berkeley and Caltech. The Web servers are set up so that the load can be distributed between them, providing improved access during times of high demand. With the increased robustness provided by the new servers, the CISN provides access to certain earthquake products directly from www.cisn.org. For example, ShakeMaps are now served directly from the CISN Web site, in addition to being available from several USGS Web servers and the CGS. The design and content of http://www.cisn.org continues to evolve. The Web site is an important tool for CISN outreach as well as for communication and documentation among the CISN partners.

The CISN continues to support the dedicated Web site for emergency managers. Following a suggestion from the Advisory Committee, we have designed a Web site to provide personalized access to earthquake information. Known as ``myCISN," the Web site is available at eoc.cisn.org. Access to the Web site is limited to registered users in order to provide highly reliable access. At present, ``myCISN" is a single Web server located at UC Berkeley. However, modifications to the database are underway to allow for multiple servers in the future. A second computer, already purchased, will either be installed in Sacramento or in southern California.

As part of the CISN, the BSL is contributing to efforts to raise awareness of earthquakes and preparedness as the 140 anniversary of the 1868 Hayward Fault earthquake approaches on October 21, 2008. In particular, we will be co-hosting the Third Conference on Earthquake Hazards in the Eastern Bay Area as well as organizing and participating in other related activities.

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