Upgrade of SMCB to SM2B

This year, we have completed our agreements with Caltrans and St. Mary's College to replace the post hole installation at St. Mary's College (SMCB) with a deep borehole installation (SM2B). Last year the hole was drilled by Caltrans as a hole of opportunity (i.e., when the schedule of a Caltrans drilling crew had an opening) to a depth of 151 m and a few hundred meters away from the post-hole (SMCB) site. The sensor package was also installed at that time. This year, with assistance from Caltrans and the St. Mary's College grounds crew, the site infrastructure was completed and 79 days of coincident data from both SMCB and SM2B was collected and analysed. SMCB was decommissioned and SM2B data acquisition began on June 26 of this year.


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