Operations and Maintenance

Routine maintenance tasks required this year to keep the HRSN in operation include cleaning and replacement of corroded electrical connections; grounding adjustments; cleaning of solar panels; re-seating, resodering and replacement of faulty pre-amp circuit cards; testing and replacement of failing batteries; and insulation and painting of battery and datalogger housings to address problems with low power during cold weather. Remote monitoring of the network's health using the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory's SeisNetWatch software is also performed to identify both problems that can be resolved over the Internet (e.g. rebooting of data acquisition systems due to clock lockups) and more serious problems requiring field visits. Over the years, such efforts have paid off handsomely by providing exceptionally low noise recordings of very low amplitude seismic signals produced by microearthquakes (below magnitude 0.0Ml) and nonvolcanic tremors.

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