2004 Parkfield displacement field update

The Parkfield displacement field associated with the 2004 event has been reprocessed in order to better constrain the slip along the fault. A particular focus was on the near-fault observations. Indeed, as the other geodetic techniques (SAR and LiDAR)

Figure 3.20: Coseismic displacements during the 2004 Parkfield earthquake. The displacement at the CRBT site is less than 3 mm. The displacement observed at PKDB (star) indicates the rupture along the fault is limited in the south.
\epsfig{file=coseismic.eps, width=8cm}\end{center}\end{figure}

cannot provide reliable information near the fault due to a lack of coherency, the accuracy of near-fault GPS displacements is crucial. The new computed displacement field will be published in two research articles (Ahyi and Dreger, in press, JGR) and (Houlié, Dreger, and Romanowicz, in prep.)

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