Data Collections

The bulk of the data at the NCEDC consists of waveform and GPS data from northern California. Figure 3.21 shows the geographic distribution of data archived by the NCEDC. Figure 3.22 shows the relative proportion of each data set at the NCEDC. The total size of the datasets archived at the NCEDC is shown in Table 3.14. Figure 3.23 shows the amount of data for each year that is archived at the NCEDC.

Figure 3.21: Map showing the location of stations whose data are archived at the NCEDC. Circles are seismic sites; squares are GPS sites, and diamonds are the locations of USGS low-frequency experiments.
\epsfig{file=ncedc_all.eps, width=15cm}\end{center}\end{figure*}

Figure 3.22: Chart showing the relative proportion of each data set at the NCEDC.
\epsfig{file=ncedc_chart_type.eps, width=14cm}\end{center}\end{figure*}

Table 3.14: Volume of Data Archived at the NCEDC by network
Data Type GBytes
BDSN/NHFN/MPBO (broadband, electric and magnetic field, strain) waveforms 4,215
NCSN seismograms 6,300
Parkfield HRSN seismograms 2,023
BARD GPS (RINEX and raw data) 1,383
UNR Nevada seismograms 386
SCSN seismograms 638
Calpine/Unocal Geysers region seismograms 38
EarthScope SAFOD seismograms 954
EarthScope USArray seismograms 258
EarthScope PBO strain waveforms 119
USGS low frequency geophysical waveforms 2
Misc data 37
Total size of archived data 16,352

Figure 3.23: Figure showing the total volume of data archived at the NCEDC, broken down by data year.
\epsfig{file=ncedc_barchart07.eps, width=15cm}\end{center}\end{figure*}

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