Archiving current BDSN (Section 3.1.), NHFN (Section 3.3.), and Mini-PBO (Section 3.3.) (all stations using the network code BK) seismic data is an ongoing task. These data are telemetered from 47 seismic data loggers in real-time to the BSL, where they are written to disk files, used for CISN real-time earthquake processing, and delivered in real-time to the DART (Data Available in Real Time) system on the NCEDC, where they are immediately available to anyone on the internet. In September 2004, the NCEDC began to archive continuous high frequency data (80 Hz and 100 Hz) from all of the BDSN broadband, strong motion, and strainmeter sensors. Previously, 20 Hz and lower rate data channels were archived continuously, and high frequency data was archived only for events. In early 2006, the NCEDC started to receive all of the BK stations in real-time and make them available to users through the DART. All timeseries data from the Berkeley networks continue to be processed and archived by an NCEDC analyst using calqc in order to provide the highest quality and most complete data stream to the NCEDC.


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