NCSN Seismic Data

NCSN continuous waveform data are sent in real-time to the NCEDC via the internet, and are made available to users in real-time through the NCEDC DART. NCSN event waveform data, as well as data from all other real-time BSL and collaborating networks, are automatically collected by the NCEMC waveform archiver and stored at the NCEDC for event review and analysis and for distribution to users. All NCSN and NCEMC data are archived in MiniSEED format.

The NCEDC also maintains a list of historic teleseismic events recorded by the NCSN, since these events do not appear in the NCSN catalog.

A description of the successive improvements in the acquisition of NCSN data, leading to the acquisition of complete NCSN waveform data in early 2006, can be found in the 2005-06 BSL annual report. We are currently working on completing the waveform data collection by reading and archiving NCSN seismograms from tapes for the period 2001-2005.

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