Parkfield High Resolution Seismic Network Data

The history of upgrades to the acquisition and archival of HRSN data can be found in the 2005-06 BSL Annual Report.

In early 2006, the NCEDC started to receive the HRSN 20 Hz data and a subset of the 250 Hz data in real-time for distribution through the DART. The NCEDC continued to archive continuous 250 Hz and 20 Hz data streams from the HRSN tapes written in Parkfield and processed at the NCEDC. In early 2007, the BSL established a radio telemetry link from the HRSN recording center at the California Department of Forestry (CDF) in Parkfield to Carr Hill, and started to telemeter all HRSN continuously to Carr Hill. These data are fed into the NCSN backup Earthworm system at Carr Hill, and are also routed through the USGS Parkfield and the NCEMC T1 between USGS/MP and the BSL for real-time processing by the NCEMC earthquake processing system. The data are also made available to users through the NCEDC DART, and are continuously archived at the NCEDC.

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