EarthScope SAFOD

The NCEDC is designated as the primary archive center for the SAFOD event data, and will also process the continuous SAFOD data. Starting in July 2002, scientists from Duke University successfully installed a three component 32 level downhole-seismic array in the pilot hole at the EarthScope SAFOD site in collaboration with Steve Hickman (USGS), Mark Zoback (Stanford University) and the Oyo Geospace Engineering Resources International (GERI) Corporation. High frequency event recordings from this array have been provided by Duke University for archiving at the NCEDC. We converted data from the original SEG-2 format data files to MiniSEED, and have developed the SEED instrument responses for this data set. Continuous 4 KHz data from SAFOD are written to tape at SAFOD, and are periodically sent to the BSL to be converted, archived, and forwarded to the IRIS DMC. SAFOD EarthScope funding to the NCEDC is to cover the processing, archiving, and distribution costs for these data. A small subset of the continuous SAFOD data channels are also incorporated into the NCSN, are available in real-time from the NCEDC DART, are archived at the NCEDC, and are forwarded to the IRIS DMC.

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