Electro-Magnetic Data

The NCEDC continues to archive and process electric and magnetic field data acquired at several UC Berkeley sites. The BSL operates both magnetic and electric field sensors at PKD and SAO. Through a collaboration with Dr. Simon Klemperer at Standord University, we acquire magnetic and electric field channels at BSL sites JRSC and BRIB, and magnetic field channels at site MHDL. The three magnetic field channels and either two or four electric field channels are digitized at 40 Hz, 1 Hz, and 0.1 Hz, and are telemetered in real-time along with seismic data to the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory, where they are processed and archived at the NCEDC in a similar fashion to the seismic data.

Using programs developed by Dr. Martin Fullerkrug at the Stanford University STAR Laboratory (now at the University of Bath), the NCEDC has computed and archived magnetic activity and Schumann resonance analysis using the 40 Hz data from this dataset. The magnetic activity and Schumann resonance data can be accessed from the Web. This processing was halted in mid 2005 due to problems with the code and will be resumed when the problems have been identified and corrected.

The NCEDC also archives data from a low-frequency, long-baseline electric field project operated by Dr. Steve Park of UC Riverside at site PKD2. These data are acquired and archived in an identical manner to the other electric field data at the NCEDC.

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