GPS Data

The NCEDC continues to archive GPS data through the BARD (Bay Area Regional Deformation) network of continuously monitored GPS receivers in northern California (Section 3.5.). The NCEDC GPS archive now includes 67 continuous sites in northern California. There are approximately 50 core BARD sites owned and operated by UC Berkeley, USGS (Menlo Park and Cascade Volcano Observatory), LLNL, UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, Trimble Navigation, and Stanford. Data are also archived from sites operated by other agencies including East Bay Municipal Utilities District, the City of Modesto, the National Geodetic Survey, and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

In addition to the standard 15 second or 30 second continuous GPS datastream, the NCEDC is now privately archiving high-rate 1 Hz continuous GPS data from the 14 stations in Parkfield and from 10 BARD stations. The high-rate Parkfield data are collected by UNAVCO as part of the PBO Nucleus. The Parkfield data are available via anonymous FTP from the NCEDC but are currently not included in the GPS Seamless Archive (GSAC), since the GSAC does not currently handle both high-rate and low-rate data from the same site and day.

The NCEDC continues to archive non-continuous survey GPS data. The initial dataset archived is the survey GPS data collected by the USGS Menlo Park for northern California and other locations. The NCEDC is the principal archive for this dataset. Significant quality control efforts were implemented by the NCEDC to ensure that the raw data, scanned site log sheets, and RINEX data are archived for each survey. All of the USGS MP GPS data has been transferred to the NCEDC and virtually all of the data from 1992 to the present has been archived and is available for distribution.

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