Geysers Seismic Data

The Calpine Corporation currently operates a micro-seismic monitoring network in the Geysers region of northern California. Prior to 1999 this network was operated by Unocal. Through various agreements, both Unocal and Calpine have released triggered event waveform data from 1989 through 2000 along with preliminary event catalogs for the same time period for archiving and distribution through the NCEDC. This dataset represents over 296,000 events that were recorded by Calpine/Unocal Geysers network, and are available via research accounts at the NCEDC.

The Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (LBL), with funding from the California Energy Commission, operates a 22 station network in the Geysers region with an emphasis on monitoring seismicity related to well water injection. The earthquake locations and waveforms from this network are sent to the NCEDC, and the locations are forwarded to the NCSN so that they can be merged into the NCSN earthquake catalog. The LBL Geysers waveforms will be available at the NCEDC after the NCSN catalog has been migrated from flat files to the database. In 2007 the NCSN installed an Earthworm system at the Geysers to receive continuous LBL Geysers data, and this system provides event waveforms in real-time for the NCEMC earthquake procssing and the NCEDC event archives.

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