SCSN/Statewide seismic data

In 2004 the NCEDC started to archive broadband and strong motion data from 15 SCSN (network CI) stations that are telemetered to the Northern California Management Center (NCEMC) of the California Integrated Seismic Network (CISN). These data are used in the prototype real-time state-wide earthquake processing system and also provide increased coverage for northern California events. Since the data are telemetered directly from the stations in real-time to both the SCSN and to the NCEMC, the NCEDC archives the NCEMC's copy of the data to ensure that at least one copy of the data will be preserved.

In early 2006, the NCEDC started to continuously archive all of the selected SCSN short-period stations that are contributed to the NCSN. All of these data are available in real-time from the NCEDC DART.

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