Earthquake Catalogs

Northern California: The NCEDC provides searchable access to both the USGS and BSL earthquake catalogs for northern and central California. The "official" UC Berkeley earthquake catalog begins in 1910 and runs through 2003, and the "official" USGS catalog begins in 1966. Both of these catalogs are archived and available through the NCEDC, but the existence of 2 catalogs has caused confusion among both researchers and the public.

In late 2006, the NCEMC begun to archive and distribute a single unified northern California earthquake catalog in real-time to the NCEDC through database replication from the NCEMC's real-time systems. The NCEDC has developed and is testing the required programs that will be used to enter all previous NCSN catalog data into the NCEDC database. We will then merge the BSL catalog with the NCEMC catalog to form a single unified northern California catalog from 1910 to the present. The BSL and the USGS have spent considerable effort over the past years to define procedures for merging the data from the two catalogs into a single northern and central California earthquake catalog in order to present a unified view of northern California seismicity. The differences in time period, variations in data availability, and mismatches in regions of coverage all complicate the task.

Worldwide: The NCEDC, in conjunction with the Council of the National Seismic System (CNSS), produced and distributed a world-wide composite catalog of earthquakes based on the catalogs of the national and various U.S. regional networks for several years. Each network updates their earthquake catalog on a daily basis at the NCEDC, and the NCEDC constructs a composite world-wide earthquake catalog by combining the data, removing duplicate entries that may occur from multiple networks recording an event, and giving priority to the data from each network's authoritative region. The catalog, which includes data from 14 regional and national networks, is searchable using a Web interface at the NCEDC. The catalog is also freely available to anyone via ftp over the internet.

With the demise of the CNSS and the development of the Advanced National Seismic System (ANSS), the NCEDC was asked to update its Web pages to present the composite catalog as a product of the ANSS. This conversion was completed in the fall of 2002. We continue to create, house, distribute, and provide a searchable web interface to the ANSS composite catalog, and to aid the regional networks in submitting data to the catalog.

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