In 2002, the NCEDC wrote a collaborative proposal with the SCEDC to the Southern California Earthquake Center, with the goal of unifying data access between the two data centers. As part of this project, the NCEDC and SCEDC are working to support a common set of 3 tools for accessing waveform and parametric data: SeismiQuery, NetDC, and STP.

The Seismogram Transfer Program or STP is a simple client-server program, developed at the SCEDC. Access to STP is either through a simple direct interface that is available for Sun or Linux platforms, or through a GUI Web interface. With the direct interface, the data are placed directly on a user's computer in several possible formats, with the byte-swap conversion performed automatically. With the Web interface, the selected and converted data are retrieved with a single ftp command. The STP interface also allows rapid access to parametric data such as hypocenters and phases.

The NCEDC has continued work on STP, working with the SCEDC on extensions and needed additions. We added support for the full SEED channel name (Station, Network, Channel, and Location), and are now able to return event-associated waveforms from the NCSN waveform archive.

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