Data Acquisition Facilities

Before 2005-2006, both the BSL staff monitoring routine data acquisition and the computers and facilities to acquire, process and archive the data were located in McCone Hall. Since 2006, the computers and telemetry equipment associated with data acquisition reside in the new campus computer facility at 2195 Hearst Avenue. This building was constructed to current ``emergency grade'' seismic codes, and is expected to be operational even after a $M$ 7 earthquake on the nearby Hayward Fault. The hardened campus computer facility within was designed with special attention for post-earthquake operations. The computer center contains state-of-the art seismic bracing, UPS power and air conditioning with generator backup, and extensive security and equipment monitoring. With the move of many BSL and NCEDC operations servers to the campus computer center, the generator power and air conditioning resources in the BSL server room in 237 McCone better match our needs for the infrastructure remaining in McCone Hall. The BSL generator is maintained by Physical Plant Capital Services and was run without load twice monthly.

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