Sensor Testing Facility

The BSL had set up an Instrumentation Test Facility in the Byerly Seismographic Vault in order to systematically determine and compare the characteristics of up to eight sensors at a time. The test equipment consists of an eight-channel Quanterra Q4120 high-resolution data logger and a custom interconnect panel that provides isolated power and preamplification, when required, to facilitate the connection and routing of signals from the sensors to the data logger with shielded signal lines. A GPS rebroadcaster has also been installed, so that all data loggers in the Byerly vault operate on the same time base. Upon acquisition of data at up to 200 samples-per-second (sps) from the instruments under test, PSD analysis, coherence analysis and additional ad hoc analysis algorithms are used to characterize and compare the performance of each sensor. Tilt tests and seismic signals with a sufficient signal level above the background seismic noise are also used to verify the absolute calibration of the sensors. A simple vertical shake table is used to assess the linearity of a seismic sensor. The sensor testing facility of the BSL is described in detail in the BSL 2001-2002 Annual Report (available on-line at

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