We relied heavily on data from PANGA, IRIS, USGS, CNSN, PNSN, BDSN, and EarthScope. R. Blakely, W.-P. Chen, B. Currie, K. Creager, C. DeMets, H. Deshon, W. Hart, S. Holtkamp, H. Kao, A. Lowry, W. McCausland, T. Melbourne, T. Niemi, W. Szeliga, B. Tikoff, C. Thurber, R. Wells, and an anonymous reviewer provided beneficial feedback. NSF provided support for MB (EAR-0642765, EAR-0510810) and RA (EAR-0643077, EAR-0539987). UW-Madison also provided support for MB and deployment of the OATS array.

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