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Figure 2.21: Results of the inversion for the $M_{w}$=6.4 Near Coast of Central Chile event. Top two rows: The 20 s time window that was used in the inversion. Only four of the 38 stations that were used in the inversion are shown. The observed waveforms are shown for comparison (dotted). Bottom two rows: The longer time window (60 s) shows that final model also better describes the P-wave coda.
\epsfig{file=dolenc07_2_1.eps, width=14cm}\end{center}\end{figure*}

Figure 2.22: Velocities in the SCV basins for the USGS v2 model (below station 238), initial, and final model.
\epsfig{file=dolenc07_2_2.eps, width=14cm}\end{center}\end{figure*}

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