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Figure 2.1: a) Locations of the August 6, 2007 event and 6 of the closest USArray and ANSS stations. b) Source type plot from the method of Hudson et al (1989) shows clear separation of populations of earthquakes, explosions and collapses. The yellow star shows the solution for the August 6, 2007 seismic event. c) Observed seismograms (black) are compared to synthetics (red) for the non-double-couple solution, which is dominated by a horizontal closing crack (b). The maximum displacement ($10^{-7}$ m) of each set of tangential (T), radial (R), and vertical (V) observations is given. (Figure from Section 30.)
\epsfig{file=COVER_NOMINATIONS/IsoMT-Science.eps, width=14.5cm}\end{center}\end{figure*}

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