Panels and Professional Service

Richard M. Allen

Chair, IRIS PASSCAL Standing Committee. December 2008-present. Member, December 2007-present.
Guest Editor, Seismological Research Letters, Special Issue: Application of earthquake early
warning around the world. Published September 2009.
Member, Writing Committee developing the science plan for NSF's Cascadia Amphibious initiative.
Lamont, New York. June 2009.
Member, Organization Committee for 2nd International Earthquake Early Warning Workshop. Kyoto, Japan. April 2009.
U.S. participant, European Commission project "Seismic Early Warning Across Europe," June 2006 to June 2009.
Chair, Organization committee, Flexi-RAMP concept development workshop. Monterey, California, April 2009.
Guest Editor, Geophysical Research Letters, Special Section: New methods and applications of
earthquake early warning. Published March 2009.
Convener, Special session: Investigation and Public Awareness of Earthquake Hazard in Northern
California, AGU December 2008.
Member, Writing Committee for the Long-Range Science Plan for Seismology, October 2008.
Member, IRIS Nominating Committee. 2008.

Pascal Audet

Convener and session chair, AGU Joint Assembly, Toronto, ON, May 24-27, 2009 Seismic
Structure and Dynamics of Convergent Boundary Zones (T33A)

Roland Bürgmann

Associate Editor, Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America
Editorial Advisory Board, Eos
Editorial Board, Earth and Planetary Science Letters
Member, UC Berkeley Graduate Fellowship Committee
Member, NASA proposal review panel, Earth Surface and Interior
Member, SSA Board Of Directors
Member, EarthScope PBO Standing Committee
Vice-chair, WInSAR Standing Committee
Co-chair, EarthScope Thematic Working Group on Crustal Strain and Deformation

Douglas S. Dreger

Member, COSMOS Board of Directors
Member, Golden Gate Bridge Instrumentation Committee
Reviewer of manuscripts for BSSA, GRL, JGR, and PRL.
Reviewer of proposals submitted to NSF and NNSA.
Associate Director, BSL, 2002-
Acting Director, BSL, Jan-July, 2008

Margaret Hellweg

Member, CISN Program Management Committee
Member, CISN Standards Committee
Member, CISN Steering Committee
Member, CISN Outreach Committee
Member, ANSS Performance Standards Committee
Member: 1868 Commemoration Committee
Member: 1868 Commemoration Executive Committee
Chair: 1868 Committee for Developing Education and Outreach Materials and Programs
Member: Bay Area Earthquake Alliance Committee
Member: Bay Area Earthquake Alliance Executive Committee
Member: Organizing Committee Third Conference on East Bay Earthquake Hazards (Oct 21-25, 2008)
Member, Editorial Board of Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research

Douglas S. Neuhauser

Chair, Standards Group, California Integrated Seismic Network (CISN)
Acting Member, CISN Program Management Committee

Barbara Romanowicz

Reviewing Editor for Science
Seismology Coordinator, International Scientific Review of the IMS
Member, AGU Fellows Committee
Member, Advisory Committee for College de France, Paris, France
Member, Conseil d'Administration, Institut de Physique du Globe, Paris, France
Member, Advisory Committee, Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Member, National Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council
Member, CISN Steering Committee (Chair 2009-2010)
Member, NRC's Board on Earth Sciences and Resources (BESR)
Member, Geophysics Panel, NSF
Lead organizer, CIDER 2008 summer program in Santa Barbara
Co-Chair, Long Range Science Plan for Seismology, Workshop
Lead organizer, CIDER Community Workshop, Marconi Center, CA, May 17-20, 2009

Robert A. Uhrhammer

Member, International Association of Seismology and Physics of the Earths Interior, Working Group on Magnitudes
Member, California Integrated Seismic Network, Magnitude Working Group
Member, American National Seismic System, Technical Integration Committee, Working Group D, Seismic

Taka'aki Taira

Member, California Integrated Seismic Network, Standards Committee
Member, California Integrated Seismic Network, ShakeMaps Working Group
Member, Plate Boundary Observatory, Data Working Group

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