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About the Tour

This "virtual" geologic tour of UC Berkeley was put together by the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory, and last updated on 24 October 2000.

A few words on site navigation:
Starting at McCone Hall, whether by clicking on the "next" paw icon, the link on the navigation bar at left, or McCone Hall on the the tour map, will allow you to see all the stops on the tour. Starting elsewhere might lead you to skip some sites, which may or may not be your intention. You can revisit any site at any point by returning to the map page. Blue links generally lead to other tour pages or to external websites.Green italicized links lead to the glossary. To enlarge a small image, click on it.

Much of the narrative material for this "virtual" tour is drawn from field trip handouts prepared for lower-division courses in the Department of Earth and Planetary Science (particularly EPS 20 and EPS 50) and from materials put together by Pat Williams. Most of the photographs used in the tour were taken by BSL staff; one notable exception is the aerial photograph, prepared in 1994 by HJW and Pacific Aerial Surveys, that was used in creating the tour map. Additional references and great resources are available if you wish to Explore More.

While we've attempted to touch on many important aspects of geology and related sciences, this tour is by no means all-inclusive. You may notice a subtle bias towards faults and earthquakes. We like it that way.

A hearty thanks to all those who have helped improve the content and presentation of this site. Additional suggestions, corrections, or comments are always welcome!

- Lisa Krain, for the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory

Disclaimer: The Berkeley Seismological Laboratory, the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, and the Regents of the University of California bear no responsibility for the content of external websites; links to these resources are provided so that users have the option of evaluating the content at their discretion. Comments and questions regarding the accuracy or presentation of information within "The Geology of Bear Territory" are welcome and should be directed to