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Lawson Lecture Series

2015 Lawson Lecture:

Induced Earthquakes in the 21st Century

Previous Lawson lectures:

Date Title Speaker Links
4/29/2015 "Induced Earthquakes in the 21st Century" Dr. Greg Beroza, Stanford University
4/16/2014 "A California view of the 1964 Alaska earthquake: Lessons learned, forgotten, and relearned about reducing tsunami vulnerability" Dr. Lori Dengler, Humboldt State University
4/08/2013 "Warning California: Science and Technology to Reduce the Growing Earthquake Threat" Dr. Richard Allen, BSL
4/25/2012 "Earthquakes from the Top to the Bottom of the Magnitude Scale: Insights into Earthquake Physics from EarthScope" Dr. William Ellsworth, USGS
5/04/2011 "Two Earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand: Lessons for California " Dr. Mary Comerio, UC Berkeley
4/28/2010 "The Haiti Earthquake of 12 January 2010: A Geologic Perspective" Dr. Carol Prentice, USGS
4/14/2009 "Building Resilient Communities: Fresh Challenges for Earthquake Professionals" Chris Poland, Degenkolb Engineers
4/09/2008 "A tectonic time bomb in our backyard: Earthquake potential of the Hayward fault" Dr. Roland Burgmann, UC Berkeley
4/24/2007 "The Parkfield 2004 Earthquake: Lessons From the Best-Recorded Quake in History" Dr. Andy Michael, USGS Menlo Park
4/15/2006 Designing For Disaster: The UC Berkeley Seismic Retrofit Program Dr. Mary Comerio, UC Berkeley
4/18/2005 The 2004 Giant Earthquake and Tsunami: Observations and Lessons Learned Dr. Barbara Romanowicz, UC Berkeley
4/21/2004 Earthquake Conversations Dr. Ross Stein, USGS
4/22/2003 New Earthquake Probabilities for the San Francisco Bay Area: What you should know Dr. David Schwartz, USGS